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Messier 63, sunflower galaxy in Canes Venatici

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Exposure date 19.03.2009, 20.03.2009, 21.03.2009
Camera Artemis 4021
Instrument 8" Photo Newton
Mount Gemini 41
Filters Baader LRGB filterset
Exposure time (LxRxGxB) (11x8x8x8) * 600 s + 14 * 1200s L. total 10 H 30 min.
Image orientation North is up, east is left
Datareduction and image processing THELI, PHOTOSHOP
Imaging conditions good transpareny, moderate seeing conditions
Object data
Distance to sun arround. 37 million Ly

With this image I tried to detect the known tidal stellar streams around the galactic halo of Messier 63.

Because of skyglow here at my location it is very difficult to show the low surface brightness stellar streams. But still on the inverted image shown below the tidal stellar streams are suggested.

The "strip" visible from the above left corner to the down right corner is probably  a diffraction spike caused by  the star Alpha Canes Venatici which is located around 6 degrees away form Messier 63.

















Inverted Image