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Pair of Galaxies NGC3718 und NGC3729, also called Arp 214 in Ursa Major and Hickson Group 56

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Exposure date 26.12.2008, 27.12.2008, 28.12.2008 and 30.12.2008
Artemis 4021
Instrument 8" Photo Newton
Mount Gemini 41
Filters Baader LRGB Filterset
Expsoure time (L,R,G,B)(21x18x18x19)*600s 12 H 35min
Image orientation Northe is up, east is left
Datareduction and image processing
Imaging conditions good conditions, very cold. When I took the red channnel on 30.12 I had significant worse seeing conditions
Object data
Distance to sun
arround 52 million Ly

The two most important galaxies in this image are NGC3718 (right) and NGC3729 located arround 12' east of NGC3718. A well known group in Ursae major.

The group is located in a distance of arround 52 million Ly away from earth. NGC3718 has a noticable band of dust and gas which is crossing her bright core. The arms of dust are spanning over nearly 150.000 Ly from north to south.

Below of NGC3718 someone found the galaxiy group Hickson 56. The distance of this galaxy group is around 400 million Ly.