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Pair of Galaxies Arp273 (UGC1810 and UGC1813) in Andromeda

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Exposure Date 05.09.2010,09.10.2010,10.10.2010 and 11.10.2010
Camera Artemis 4021
Instrument 12,5" Newton RCNA
Mount Gemini 41
Filter Baader LRGB Filterset
Exposure Time (L,R,G,B)(6x9x20x19) * 600s. Total 9 H
Image Orientation                              
North is up, east is left
Datareduction and image processing THELI, PHOTOSHOP
Imaging conditions

Good Seeing around 2,1".After a long time of testing and working on the RCNA now it works better form image to image.

Object Data
Size: 1.7'x 0.6' und 1.4'x0.3'
Brightness: 14.13 und 13.92
Distance to sun around 200 million Ly

Arp 273 is one of the most interessting objects from Halton Arps catalogue of peculiar galaxies.

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